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Retired software engineer living in the Missouri Ozarks. I enjoy building things, anything from bird houses, model Trebechutes, and electronics projects. I also like to design and build prototype embedded system projects for amateur radio.

Some of my projects are listed below.

Ham radio links from a class given to the Riverside County Red Cross

A woodworking bench I built several years ago.

The stealth chicken coop, painted with free paint.

I spent a couple of years wandering about the country in a 27 foot travel trailer

Looking for water to kayak,
Trails to hike and bike,
Local craft brews,
Used book stores,
Great places to camp while enjoying that brew over a new found book.

And along the way I looked for antique tractor shows, living history museums, and railroad museums.

One of the things I looked for are the remaining French Friendship Cars.
If you know of any please email me.

don.bowen@eart hlink.net for more information.