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Trailer modifications

It seems to me that anything large you buy you have to make changes to make it more serviceable to your individual needs. This trailer is no different in that regard so on this page and links I will show what modifications I have made.

Little things

There are always little things that one can do to make things easier or more convenient. Like adding a clock.
The space above the radio was blank, wasted space. I picked up a clock works at the local craft store, cut a small hole in the cloth, then drilled a hole into the wood backing. Now we have a clock that is not to obtrusive but can easily be seen from just about anywhere in the trailer.


On either side of the radio are two more panels. They fit a CD perfectly so with a couple of pieces of copper welding rod I made a place to store the current CD playing and the next one to play.

CD storage

My son knows I like boats so one year he gave me this tilt meter. I had no place to put it until the trailer. The refrigerator is very sensitive to level and this helps me keep track of level.

Tilt meter

I also have a level on the outside that can be seen from the tow vehicle. The large graduations are about 2 inches. I can jocky around looking for the closest to level then know haw many 2 inch blocks needed to bring it to level. There is a small fore and aft level that can be seen while jacking. I can then double check with a centered bubble level setting in the middle of the freezer compartment.

external level
Security is very important when you have your living aboard.

I wanted a small safe for things like a little cash, passports, etc. I found a place on the trailer that was very difficult to get to. In fact I had to tear apart a cabinet to get to this place. A small safe fit in the space. It is hard to get to but out of sight and very difficult to remove. I hope you do not mind if I do not show a picture of this one.

Storage is an important thing in a living space 5 ft. by 25 ft.

Weight distribution hitch

Getting the trailer out of the lot was real fun as the tail of the pickup and the nose of the trailer were very low. The jack was low enough to scrape against just about everything. A Reese weight distribution hitch put the pickup and trailer on an even keel. Well worth the money spent.

Sway Control

The next addition is a Reese Dual Cam sway control. When the trailer gets close to loaded I will find a flat parking lot and set up the Dual Cam. It looks good and is well recommended. My only concern is backing with the Dual Cam installed. That will have to wait for tests.

House battery

I have added another house battery. It was a group 24 from Interstate. From their figures that gives me something around 160 Amp Hours of capacity. That should be good for two to three days, I also plan to add a 160 Watt solar system which should give me unlimited boondocking in good weather. In the future when those group 24s die they will be replaced with some T-105 golf cart batteries.


Another planned addition is a 1000 Watt inverter to run some tools and the microwave. Use of the microwave for more than a few minutes a day will require a generator and the Air Conditioning cannot be run off the inverter with out significant additions to the battery bank.

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